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Claysburg Summer STEM and Arts


A big Thank You to for their donation of 80 Black Eyed Susan seed balls for our Summer STEM and Arts students. In case you did not know, Seed-balls is a Claysburg based company who used to be in the former hardware store on Bedford Street in Claysburg. Within the last few weeks they have relocated next to Peggy's Diner in the former NAPA store. 

Please give Seed-balls your support by buying from them, and if you see one of the people from Seed-balls, thank them for their support by giving to our students to enhance their education and to make them aware of the environment.

You can visit Seed-balls by clicking this link:
Or on Facebook at:

Thank you Seed-balls!

Claysburg Education Foundation

Claysburg 2018 Summer STEM & the Arts Is Now Finished!

We have now completed the 12 days of Claysburg's 2018 STEM and the Arts.  Here is some information:

We employed each and every teacher that applied to help with STEM to give them any experience they could get out of it.   The Foundation is happy to report that of the 10 teachers who applied, 7 were from Claysburg, 1 from the Altoona Technical Center, 1 from Chestnut Ridge and 1 from York School District.  Additionally we employed 5 students in various capacities teaching or assisting with instruction in the Technology aspect such as video editing, Excel, Power Point, Graphing, Coding, Web building, etc. since this was not an area of expertise for the regular teachers to teach these areas.

Claysburg-Kimmel had some outstanding teachers working in the program.  We were highly impressed with their taking charge in the STEM aspect of teaching.

We had 80 Students register which was higher than last year of which 65 were from Claysburg, 15 from 9 other school districts.  While our average attendance was not as high as prior years probably because of many other scheduled events, conflicts and vacations, the teachers and staff felt that the students that did attend we the ”cream of the crop” versus other years.  These students had a genuine interest.

Thus far with not all the bills submitted, the cost this year to date is $19,562 versus $18,661 or $901 more than last year.  However, our total teacher expense this year was $13,094 versus $7,995 last year.  We spent an additional $5,099 more this year on teachers of which $2,138 was for Technology teachers and the remainder for STEM and Arts teachers, and we do not regret spending any of this additional money.  We consider it an investment in the future of Claysburg’s education for its teachers and students both.