Claysburg Education Foundation

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Foundation's Goal

Our goal is simple: 
To help create 
learning success stories, 
one student at a time. 

Since inception in July 2014 through December 31, 2023, the Foundation has received donations and been instrumental in other awards totaling almost $1,500,000 in slightly more than 10 years.  

Since we formed just nine short years ago in 2014  the Foundation has strived to become a "Learning Center" helping students fulfill their educational potential needs. Initially we did this through STEM programs with personalized instruction working hand-in-hand with the students and their classroom teachers for the most efficient learning.  

Our belief has been that if we give the students the extra tools needed to learn, they will become creative and apply them for their needs. 

Our focus has been on STEM and Technology.  In our ever changing world, they are two absolute areas where students need to focus.

We also believe that it is necessary to open students up to other horizons beyond our community.  We have done this by collaborating with some local colleges and universities as well as supporting trips to various educational facilities.

We established a working relationship with Penn State - Altoona to establish an entrepreneur class set-up at no cost to the school district.  We also established a relationship with Mt. Aloysius College to work with students from Claysburg-Kimmel in STEM and also in other educational areas, and we have established a continuing relationship with St. Francis University.  Previously we had their staff come to Claysburg-Kimmel at no charge.  This year we are sending older students in grades 10-12 for a five day STEM class to St. Francis and also sending students in grades 5-10 to St. Francis for a two day STEM class.  We are also currently working on a relationship with Indiana University of PA to establish similar type relationships.

Through the years we held Summer STEM and the Arts sessions in Claysburg.   Unfortunately for 2020 due to Covid-19, we ran a virtual class.  For 2021 we are back on track for a live session in Claysburg.  While most students are from the Claysburg area, typically there are about 10% from other school districts.  Our philosophy has been that we want to reach out beyond the Claysburg area if we can help students. 

For the past three years, a major portion of expenditures was for "Project Lead the Way" and to fund many of the I-Pads at a cost of $163,633.  Claysburg-Kimmel is now an Apple education school with one-on-one I-Pads for each student.   Additional monies were expended for additional Technology, Inventionland, teacher and student Venture Grants, Math programs and a variety of other items.  One of our major expenditures in 2019-22 was supporting and financing Dual Enrollment for the past four years for students at a cost of $122,647.   We decided to do Dual Enrollment funding to assist those who financially could not afford the cost of the college fees.  

  In addition to the continued focus on STEM and the Arts, the Foundation will be expanding its role with funding for trips for students to colleges and other locations so students can see the types of careers and additional educational experiences are available.  There will be an increased emphasis on STEM especially in the high school after school and during school with additional training and special projects with more rigor involved. 

The Foundation's success begins with the donations from businesses and individuals.  Without these funds and much of it PA EITC funds, we would never be able to finance many of the projects needed by the district. 

Local businesses such as NPC and their staff continually work with us both financially and with their employees interfacing with our students and Claysburg-Kimmel teachers and staff.  One of the best examples has been the success of our Claysburg-Kimmel FBLA group and NPC working together to critique their state and national competitions and providing co-op opportunities for students.  We want to thank each and everyone involved for their contributions to the Foundation and the Claysburg-Kimmel School District.

In the fall of 2020-21, promoted a Real Life Experience day in conjunction with the Claysburg-Kimmel School District where students experienced first hand the trials and errors that adults do through from a financial standpoint.  It was an enlightening experience.

Also our unpaid volunteers have been a key part of our success.  They contribute their time, financial resources, food for STEM and in many other ways.  We are always looking for more volunteers.  

​Join us, assist us, support us with your time, talents and finances as we continue to work with the Claysburg-Kimmel School District on making it a progressive, technology driven school.

​The Claysburg Education Foundation has secured a major part of the funding for the Learning Lamp to provide these preschool classes for the Claysburg, PA area. Depending on family income, there is a great possibility that tuition would be free.


Are you passionate about what we are doing?  Let us know!  We are always looking for volunteers to help us make our vision a reality.  We'll help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you.  We're excited to have you join the team! 


Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you.  We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you.


We are a community-based organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place.  With the help of our tireless staff, we organize fundraisers, exciting community-building events and in-depth training sessions for our kids and the community.